The Kindness Bumper Sticker

Kindness Bumper Sticker

This Bumper Sticker was designed to add beauty to your vehicle while communicating a message of Kindness to all you encounter on your travels. A portion of the profits of all sales of the sticker goes to benefit the World Food Program,

The cost of the sticker is $7.00 each plus a flat rate of $3.00 for shipping and handling. To order more than one sticker please email me directly at


The Kindness Bumper Sticker is available at all of my Vendor Shows (See Events) & at the following retail locations:

Chamomille Natural Foods, 60 Newtown Road, Danbury CT

Holbrook Farm, 45 Turkey Plain Rd (Route 53), Bethel CT

Basil Yoga, 31 Bailey Ave, Ridgefield CT

Happy  Rainbows, 11 Route 39N, Sherman CT

Mercy by the Sea Giftshop, 167 Neck Rd, Madison CT